Venice Beach, Florida: A few hours under the sun


One hour and 10 minutes south of Tampa.

I hopped on I-75, rolled the windows down, blasted the music and cruised to Venice Beach.

The only plans I made were to  walk around, sight-see and take photographs of what I found interesting. I arrived at Venice around 4:00 p.m which gave me a few hours of sunlight.

I parked in the Historic District and walked right over to the beach.



no shoes beyond this point


The day was beautiful:  Eighty degrees, blue skies, light breeze, and the calming sound of the ocean. After walking the shoreline, I headed over to Venice’s inlet where people go to fish, have picnics, and watch the sunset.





I was thoroughly enjoying myself at the edge of the rocks when I turned to my left and saw this fisherman in front of the sun. How epic, I thought.

There was only half an hour left before the night sky revealed the millions of stars above. I went back to Venice beach to witness the last few minutes of sunset and what I captured is truly an enriching fusion of colors!




And as the night grew, I sat on the sand and listened to the wind hover across the water.

Truly a few beautiful hours spent at Venice Beach, Florida.


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Stay happy

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Ryan Quaresma

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