What Matters Most When Achieving Personal Goals?

IMG_0302I wanted to write about what it really means to achieve personal goals because I think we sometimes loose sight of what’s really important. I was talking to a friend the other day about how people are so achievement oriented that they value the end result more than the process leading up to it.

This reminded me of  how the same ideology is applied to the accumulation  of material things in western society. We are tricked into thinking that more things equals more happiness and therefore higher quality of life. As we know though, placing our sense of worth in material objects only leads to frustration and a false sense of self curated by the ego.

If one derives their sense of self from the total sum of achievements and things in their life they will always seek for more. Nothing will ever be enough and the constant struggle to have more and be more reinforces the illusion that the prize is superior to the climb.

Appreciate the Journey

What I mean by the climb is the journey or quest one endures once they start chasing their dreams and personal goals. All of the ups and downs that go into the process of individual growth.  Think about it. Would the view at the top of a mountain range be as sweet without the exhausting hike that tested your physical capabilities and mental perseverance?

Of course not.

We so often get caught up in wanting results that we forget about the unfolding process in front of our eyes. In what world does everything happen the way we want it to? There is always unexpected variables that shake things up into an unpredictable surprise.  This is exactly what makes the journey interesting and worth embarking on.

Without a doubt, achieving personal goals is satisfying but only in contrast to the period of time where the process was either slow, uneventful and unrewarding. We fail to realize that those in-between moments are the foundation to every significant victory.  They are moments where the journey brings us back to ourselves so we can reflect honestly about who we are and why we started in the first place.

An individual should not be measured by how much success or  how much failure he has had. The best measurement is his ability to see that success means nothing if failure is never experienced.  That there aren’t any good days without bad days.

I think by appreciating the unexpected twists and turns of life we can come to understand intrinsically, not conceptually, that the real lasting fulfillment is found in the journey, not in the destination.

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Ryan Quaresma

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