About 6 months ago my friend Ayla and I were talking about places we wanted to visit around the world. We started listing towns and cities in the States and then branched off into Europe and South America. I don’t remember exactly why, but when we named Colombia we both agreed that’s where we were going.

Each time my friends ask me why we chose Colombia out of all the countries we could’ve picked I can’t give a definite answer. To be honest, Colombia was more of a spontaneous decision than a well-thought out  itinerary and yet we’ve been working our asses off to make this trip happen.

Over the course of these past six months I’ve been working with the intention to use the money to fund our travels and essentially, finance my dreams and goals of seeing a new part of the world.

The tickets are bought, the bags are packed and the embarking day approaches. July 31,which is this Tuesday, we leave from Tampa, Florida and land in Cartagena, Colombia. We plan to stay a minimum of two months in Colombia which we think will be enough time to fully experience cultural immersion.

The first week we’ll be staying in Cartagena. The second week we go to Medellin and the third, we visit Bogota. After that it’s up to discussion especially since we want to see other countries in South America. I’ll keep you guys updated on what we decide to do, but for now our goal is to immerse ourselves in the three major cities in Colombia.

While immersed, my main goal is to become fluent in Spanish. So far I’ve been using Duolingo, watching youtube videos, putting on subtitles and changing my phone and all social medias to Spanish to immerse myself even more. There are more than 437 million people on this Earth that speak Spanish, 20 countries whose official language is Spanish and not to mention, it sounds gracious when spoken fluently. I studied the language a little bit in Highschool but I didn’t retain a lot of information. However, knowing Portuguese, the process is going to go much smoother considering how similar the two languages are.

My second goal while in Colombia is to learn about the culture which is inseparably tied to my first goal. It’s language, history, art, customs and way of living is my interest. I don’t want to stay in fancy, commercial hotels. I want to live among the locals, I want to eat the food, drink the drink and listen to the music being played on the streets. I feel there’s no better way to learn than doing exactly this.

My third goal is to document my travels as best I can via photography and writing. Im bringing my camera and notebook for sure, who wouldn’t? Not only do I want to capture the beauty of the country but also the parts people don’t usually see or hear about. With writing, I want to share my thoughts, insights and reflections. I think this combination of photos and words will be perfect for storytelling

All in all, I’m ecstatic to be going to Colombia. I’m not sure what to expect except the unexpected. This will be my first time traveling to South America and also my first time traveling with a partner. I’m nervous in the best of ways. I know this is the next step I need to take. This is what I want and I’m so happy I’m able to be doing what I love.

Update: The following photos were taken the first day since arriving in Colombia. Can’t wait to share more with you guys! Peace and love✌️❤️🇨🇴

View From the balcony at the lodging house we’re staying at. It’s home to a sweet family that’ve been super nice to us. It’s called the Tata house

2 thoughts on “Traveling to Colombia: My Thoughts Before the Trip!

    1. I absolutely loved Colombia. I’ve had alot of time to process my trip and every time I think back I remember not only the beautiful views but all the great people I met. I spent about a month there too and by the end I only wished I stayed longer to be honest. What cities did you visit while you were there?


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