Day 3

Lajes do Pico is a small enough town to walk around continuously until finding a friend to join you. Once you do find a friend you walk around together a few more times until one of you departs for home. I’ve often wondered how many times I, or better yet, the locals who have lived here their entire lives, have circled Lajes.

Lajes is more so considered a “village” than a town. It’s mostly comprised of cafes and restaurants with a few stores/shops in between. Everything you need can be found here which makes it convenient in comparison to the smaller, surrounding towns.

When I think about what makes Lajes do Pico worth visiting from a tourist point of view I’d start with the whale museum and the various companies that offer whale/dolphin sight seeing tours. However, what makes Lajes memorable for me, besides the relationships and memories I’ve created here, are the spots with the best ocean views.

If you walk along the wall (“o muro”) you’ll end up next to “O Castelete”, which is a rock formation that looks like a huge turtle from afar. Not only is there a natural swimming pool where you can swim in the sea, but a lot of people go there to snorkel, fish, and search for clams. Its the perfect place to relax under the sun and get together with friends.

The second memorable spot is on the opposite end of “O muro” next to the marina. You can find “O Caneiro” easily by searching for the large wave-looking monument commemorating various sailors and fishermen. From here you have one of the best views of Pico mountain on a clear day.

Further up the main road going towards Ribeira de Mayo and Silveira there’s an old fort that now acts as a look-out point and museum. Better yet, a few hundred feet away you can grab a fresh-baked pastry from the bakery and enjoy it while you overlook the ocean. On a clear night, there’s no better view of the stars unless you’re atop Pico itself.

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