Living in Lajes do Pico, Azores: July’s Photo Collection

The twelfth of August marked two months since arriving in Lajes Do Pico, Azores, Portugal.

Besides working at restaurant Lagoa as a server, I spend my time as the locals do: cafe bouncing (from one to another), making conversation with friends, playing futebol and my personal favourite- taking photos of this town I’ve come to know as home.

In this article I share July’s photo collection with you which includes both candid and intentional images of Lajes, portraiture work I did with my good friend Barbara, and also my afternoon getaway to one of Pico’s main Vilas, Madalena.

If you want to read my travel anecdotes from July, click here

Thanks for stopping by.

I hope you enjoy seeing through my perspective (:

Lajes at Dusk

View Collection

Aromas e Sabores Pastelaria

Photoshoot with Barbara

View Complete Collection


View Collection

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Ryan Quaresma

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