Sunset Rowing in the Açores: Os Mercenários!

Hey guys, I’m happy to share this collection of photographs with you!

Os Mercenários, a rowing team here in the Azores, invited me to come along with them on their afternoon practice!

I was beyond excited to accept the opportunity. The entire summer I would see them practice on the outskirts of Lajes’ port wondering what it must feel like to row with a coordinated team.

Fortunately, a week before the races that took place during Semana dos Baleeiros we drove out to the neighbouring vila Ribeiras, and I experienced the answer to my question.

I had so much fun taking the photos thanks to Os Mercenários being cool people!

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taking them. Cheers!


I sat at the bow of the boat feeling as if I was slicing through the ocean’s waves. 

As one we row

Three guys on the right, three on the left with the conductor in the middle working together to row in unison. 

The bow rises and drops with the sea

Row after row, row, the boat gains momentum. And after an eventful duration we slow down and stop. 

Stillness in the Atlantic

I felt the oceans power as our vessel rose and fell with the tide. 

We drifted for a few moments and then pointed the boat towards the colors in the sky

Rowing until day became night.

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Ryan Quaresma

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