Horta Marina Photo Collection

If you’re going to Horta it’s well worth strolling through the marina. A simple walk will open your eyes to the history and cultural significance of Europe’s westernmost city.

For decades sailors have painted their murals around the marina.

According to old-sailor superstition, painting your mural or logo on the breakwater gives divine protection from harsh conditions at sea!

I took my time as I walked down the marina – a slow pace – admiring the array of creativity each mural displayed. There were a few murals I stopped to look at longer than others. Either I’d been to where they were from, or I had some sort of artistic connection to the symbols and colors they used.

What interested me most was how all the murals weren’t in any chronological or divided-by-country order. Fresh murals from 2019 were right next to the faded outlines from decades ago, and all the countries shared one surface. They all complimented one another by their mutual love of the sea. The ocean is what brought all these nations together to this one port in Horta, Faial.

L’oiseau de passage- The bird of passage
Kairos- An Ancient Greek word meaning the right, critical or opportune moment.
Alma de sal- Soul of salt
Helios- Ancient Greek god and personification of the Sun
The Ocean State
Montanha do Pico<3
If you speak French, I’d love for you to translate this message for me. Google translate doesn’t cut it. Please and thank you!
Remembering my Colombia summer 2018

Check out my Horta photo collection here

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