Por Caminho: Praia do Almoxarife, Azores Photo Collection

Praia do Almoxarife was the first place I camped at after arriving in Faial.

I got there an hour or two before sunset which proved to be an ideal time.

When I made it to the beach I only saw a few other people, but for the most part I had it all to myself.

In the small amount of time I spent there I met a few really nice people who were just as enthusiastic about the view as I was.

By the time I left the only thought I had was that I have to come back in the summer.

This set of photos is part of a larger collection named Por Caminho that I created during my backpacking trip around Faial Island.

Photos taken mid November, 2019

This is Antonio. He showed me around his town and let me put my bag in his garage while I went out for food. He was really welcoming and enthusiastic to share his knowledge about his home. Obrigado Antonio, até proxima.
Passionfruit farm closed for the season.

The Praia do Almoxarife campsite is only open during the summer season when tourism is at its highest. I didn’t know that before I arrived so I set up tent right outside the campsite.

The black-sand beach is right across the main road. At night all you can hear is the wind and the ocean’s waves crashing against the rocks. I imagine during the summer this place Is absolutely wonderful.

I’ll be back.

I arrived at Praia do Almoxarife by the beginning of sunset when the golden light starts fading into oranges and yellows. The first thing I did was set up camp and then I crossed the street to witness day’s end from the black sand. There were only a few other people there besides me. On top of the wall a few tourists posed for photos, a woman walked her dog, and a couple cuddled and kissed on a blanket. I snapped a few photos, grabbed a meia de leite and let the magnificence of Pico gently fall into night. 

I took this photo the next morning before leaving to the next town. Pico mountain hides behind sunrise clouds.

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