24 hours in Velas, São Jorge

From the Vulcão dos Capelinhos I made my way back to Horta completing my trip around Faial Island. The next morning I took the earliest ferry over to Velas, São Jorge’s capital.

I spent 24 hours walking around the town, checking out the viewpoints and making photographs. My initial goal was to backpack São Jorge as I did with Faial, however I decided it would be best to postpone until the summer.

For now, I hope you enjoy looking through the photos I took on my day trip to São Jorge Island.

This set of photos is part of a larger collection named Por Caminho that I created during my backpacking trip around Faial Island.

I intend to continue adding onto this project when I make my way back to the Azores. Until I visit all nine islands Por Caminho is still in the works.

Photos taken towards the end of November, 2019.

A ferry ride from Faial to São Jorge cost around 15 Euros.
Disembarking at Velas, São Jorge
São Jorge is known for their absolutely delicious cheese.
Pico mountain in the distance
Theres a trail behind the church that leads to the “Miradouro do Morro Das Velas”
A peaceful sheep pasture situated at the end of the trail
Velas, São Jorge
Parque De Campismo, Velas, São Jorge
The building to the right is the auditorium and library. Lucky for me, the day I arrived they had a screening of the new Joker movie!

The next morning…

Sunrise walk back to the Marina

If you guys liked this photoblog, please check out the previous collections from my travel project Por Caminho.

Have you guys been to the Azores? Comment which Islands you’ve visited and any recommendations you have. Thanks!

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