My Top 10 Favourite Photographs I Took During The Last 2 Months of Quarantine

Like all of you, I’ve been stuck in the house with more time than I know what to do with,

no job

no real responsibility.

How have I been using my time?

I’ve been catching up with editing and taking photos of my everyday life. With everything going on in the world right now I think it’s important we sharpen our skills and continue to learn. Despite stay-at-home orders, I still find a lot of opportunities to work on my craft.

In this photo-article I show you my top 10 favourite photos I took during the last two months of quarantine.

My Top 10

1. I took this image at Colt State Park in Bristol, RI before it completely closed due to the Corona virus. Miss Amelia reaches into Auntie Barbara’s palm to throw rocks as far as she can.

These two photos add to why I like the first image so much. Eager to throw as far as she can, Amelia puts her whole body into the swing while Auntie Barbara grabs the back of her shirt to ensure she doesn’t fall.

simply joys

2.The Corona Virus has spread all across the world, wreaking havoc on world economies and millions of people. Since March, states have been ordered to self-isolate and remain at home. I think this photo does an accurate job at depicting how bad it is at a more personal, local level. Tied-off empty playgrounds are never a good sign.

3. I chose this photo as one of my selects because it was spontaneous and genuine. For the past two months I’ve seen way more usps trucks and delivery services on the road. I passed by one and snapped a photo when the driver looked up. I’m happy she smiled!

4. With everything happening in the world right now I thought this random find was picture perfect. I saw something colourful sitting at the foot of a tree, approached, and found hope.

5. This is my Auntie Barbara. She’s always watched over me. Growing up she babysat for my siblings and I as both of my parents were at work. We were close back then and our relationship now is as strong as ever.

6. Although I didn’t take this photo in the last two months, I did have it developed from last summer in the Azores. My friend João (Portuguese John) brought me along to go Scuba diving. Before going under, we cliff jumped into the natural swimming pool. When I got my photos back I noticed they all had a double exposure effect which made me like them that much more.

7. Pictured here is my Nana and her best friend Mica. They recently moved into a new apartment together. This is the first morning sitting at the breakfast table enjoying a cup of tea. If Mica is happy, Nana is too.

8.This is another double-exposure photo I took with my point and shoot camera. The reason this is one my favourite photos is because Pico Mountain looks as if it’s located within the Rehoboth Mini Mart. Both of my homes colliding into one photo with sentimental value.

9. Battleship Cove in Fall River, MA is a great place to walk around and take photos. I really like this one in particular because the chain acts as a leading line to the subject. If you want to see the entire collection from Battleship Cove click the link.

10. I love this photo of my two cousins. We did a photoshoot at Colt State park to celebrate Kailee’s adoption. The whole time she was full of energy and radiating excitement.

So what did you guys think about my top 10 photos? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

What about you?

Have you been taking advantage of your newfound time? Share your top 10 favourite photos on instagram and tag me @Ryanquaresma so I can check them out!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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