Portra 400 Film Selects from February and March

Looking through a new roll of developed film never gets old.

When I opened the package I remembered why I love film photography so much.

I picked up two rolls of portra 400 back in the beginning of February. With everything being closed I wasn’t able to get them until the other day.

Ever since I regularly started shooting with my point-and-click I haven’t felt the desire to use my 6D as much. I have a better time going out, taking snapshots and not worrying about the technical aspects of photography. I can click the shutter and capture the moment.

Quick and easy.

With that said, here are my portra 400 film selects from the months of February and March. I hope you enjoy!


Bristol, RI 2/20 Much love here


She’s taken care of kids all her life. One time I got in trouble so bad that she put me in a scissors lock until I apologised for being a brat to my sister. Now that I’m older she teaches me about child development and puts into perspective what it takes to be a parent. Love is always first, she tells me. Unconditional love.


This might be my favourite photo from both rolls. Not because it’s aesthetically the best, but because the nostalgic value to me. Pictured here is Nana and Mica. I imagine coming across this photo 20 years from now in a stored-away album. I already cherish this one.

Photo taken 2/20/20

4. Through the clearing, Mt Hope Bridge. I went for a walk that ended up taking three hours. The minute details became profound, ordinary scenes were intrinsically meaningful and thats all I could ever want on a Spring afternoon.

5. Parked Mercedes looked straight out of a movie scene.
6. Either places have memories, or the past echoes through them.


8. I never walked into a house with so much character. The walls were filled with personality and the rooms welcoming and warm.

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