Why We Travel

Hiking the Quilotoa Loop in Cotopaxi Province, Ecuador (summer 2018)

Why We Travel

You and I have come a long way. We truly have.

Think about it.

Think about the decisions that led us here, to this point in our personal history where the cost of entry amounts to all the other choices left behind- every choice we ever had.

If where you are at this moment is where you’ve always been, two things: First, consider a road trip out of town for the weekend. It’ll help you get out of your own way.

Second: I know that you know, that you aren’t the same person you were just a few short years ago. Maybe you haven’t gotten out much, but I bet you know your way around the internal landscape that is your mind like a seasoned mountain guide.

It’s true some people never leave their coddled home towns. Other people never explore their labyrinth- like psyche.

Travel is not merely some privileged tourist’s vacation getaway, nor is it solely a mental trip.

It is the process in which we map uncharted landscapes, both geographical and psychological, not for trivial gain, but for evolutionary gain.

To travel is to think and act naturally. It is to do what humans have done since the dawn of time.

We travel with aim and desire, with vision and faith. We have a will and a way to our existential curiosity and inevitable evolution.

We travel because it is fundamental to the growth our species.

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