Boston Street Photography part II

Photos taken October 11, 2020

Boston, Massachusetts

Canon 6d w/ Yongnuo 35mm f/2

First picture of the day/ Stepping out of South Station
Boston Common Colors
Washington street at dusk // Boston, MA

Street Photography Field Notes

  1. Clean your sensor!
  2. Need to come back to Boston
  3. Let the dice roll where they may
  4. Taking portraits of strangers is intimidating, but there’s ways to do it that makes it less so. The hardest part is asking, ” Can I take your photo?” The answer is either yes or no. Maybe some questioning too, but other than that if you can get past the initial fear street portraiture is a lot of fun.
  5. There are circumstances where asking a person to take their photo would ruin the shot. Candidness only comes off if the subject isn’t actively aware/posing for your photo. Street portraiture is very much so a “feel out” situation.
  6. Need proper walking shoes
  7. Walking around with music might change what and how I photograph.
  8. In the city, you’re just another anonymous person walking around going about their business. I find that my self-consciousness is diminished and I’m able to be an observer without any pressure.
  9. Sometimes a place is so lively and photogenic that it requires sticking around and waiting for moments to happen that you can photograph. Usually I like taking photos on the move, but certain areas need to be waited on and seen from a bunch of different angles/ perspectives.

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Boston Street Photography Part I
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