Clean Your Camera’s Sensor

Hey guys,

This article is a friendly reminder, from one photographer to another, to clean your camera’s sensor.

If you haven’t cleaned your sensor since you bought your camera the chances are your images have spots, smudges and blots.

Look how bad my sensor was a few weeks ago…

I was out shooting in Boston when I saw a bunch of lines and smudges in the sky. When I got home I imported my SD card and the majority of the photos were unusable.

I tried cleaning my sensor with what I had laying around the house only to make it 100% worse.

How to Clean your Camera’s Sensor Properly

Honestly, it doesn’t take much.

I should’ve cleaned my sensor forever ago. It literally takes 5 minutes.

Hopefully you don’t make the same mistake I did.

A DSLR sensor cleaning kit costs anywhere between $10-50 USD on Amazon. I bought a full frame kit that came with,

  1. swabs
  2. cleaner
  3. blower
  4. microfibre brush
  5. dry+wet cloths

It cost me like $17 dollars.

When buying your sensor cleaning kit, make sure you buy the right size swabs. It makes cleaning the sensor that much quicker.

To properly clean your sensor, go into your camera’s settings and click “manually clean sensor.”

Once it’s open tilt your camera down and use the blower to puff out any floating particles. Then, use the microfibre brush and lightly go over the sensor a few times. I like to repeat this atleast twice.

Now, the last part to properly clean your sensor is wetting ONE side of your swab with the cleaner and making sure to gently pass to the other side and back in one motion. It’s important to note to use the dry side of the swab to pass back over the sensor.

And that’s it.

Make sure you throw the swab away after using it. If you want to pass over it again use a new swab.

ahhh nice and clean.

Before/ After

If you bring your camera to a local shop for a cleaning it’ll cost you somewhere near $100. It’s not worth doing considering the materials are cheap and it should only take you 10 minutes tops to fully clean.

Even if your sensor isn’t as bad as mine was, I think its a good habit to start cleaning your camera sensor at least once every month or so.

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