Summer Film Scans + Edits

The other week I sorted through the pile of print envelopes I’ve been steadily accumulating from Hunt’s Photo & Video the past 11 months.

The photos I’m sharing with you in this post were taken in the late summer season through early autumn, around Bristol, RI.

I hope you guys enjoy, thanks.

I’ve realised these last couple months that I’ve been exploring Bristol, RI as if I were a visitor seeing this town for the first time. When I have my camera in hand, I’m able to retain that sense of curiosity which is usually shortlived. I notice detail and depth in my surroundings despite how many times I walk Church street and look out over the bay from Independence park .

2/4: There was a uniformed blanket of clouds over the sky. I thought it was just bad overcast, but I’d never seen the sun like that. Turns out this was smoke from the west coast wildfires!
3/4 : Kool Corvette

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Ryan Quaresma

Writing to understand | Photographing to remember

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