Seeing the Same Old Place for the First Time: Mt. Hope Farm, Bristol, Rhode Island

I’ve walked through Mt. Hope Farm so many times that I feel like the average person would be tired of walking the same path by now.

Seeing the same pond,
the same bay,
the same Cove Cabin.

The same geese,
the same open field,
the same view of Mt. Hope Bridge beyond Seal Island.

But one thing photography has taught me over the years is that you can really see the same place in so many different ways and that’s what keeps it interesting and that’s what keeps you coming back.

With photography- with art- we can extract some sort of meaning & significance to our everyday, ordinary surroundings and through that become more present and appreciative.

The photos below were taken last week on 02/20/2021.

Let’s take a warm winter morning walk at Mt. Hope Farm.

Mt. Hope Farm

Mount Hope Farm -1745-

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Published by

Ryan Quaresma

Writing to understand | Photographing to remember

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