Photowalk Therapy Part 1: Bristol, RI

Bristol, RI (2021)

On how photography can be used as therapy…

Art aims to capture and express the human condition from infinite perspectives.

Photography, like all other artistic forms, contributes to that aim everyday and plays a fundamental role in forming how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. When used as a therapeutic practice, photography introduces presence, or what you could call mindfulness, awareness, and self-expression.

For me, there’s nothing like going for photowalks. I love it. It’s my way of processing, visualizing, documenting, and exercising all at once. Sometimes I go for hours. My favorite time to go for a photowalk is when I’m exploring a new place, but lately walking around my own neighborhood is enjoyable and adding up to a personal project from my time here in New England.

Photography is therapeutic in more ways than one and I invite you to experiment for yourself. Pick up a camera (yes your phone works) and be intentional. Start a personal project or reach out to people you know in a collaborative effort. Explore your neighborhood as a tourist, pose for a self-portrait, take pictures of your family and friends. Document your daily life- not for social media- but for reflection and the pure enjoyment of it.

Here’s a look into my process: Photowalk Therapy Part 1 – Bristol, RI

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Ryan Quaresma

Writing to understand | Photographing to remember

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