Hey there!

My name’s Ryan Quaresma. I am a son, brother, cousin, and friend. Since June of 2019 I’ve been living here in the Azores, the mid-Atlantic archipelago belonging to Portugal, though I was born and raised in Massachusetts. These nine islands were once stories my dad used to tell me as a child and now that I live here it all seems surreal.

Back in the Fall of 2015 I made my first trip to the Azores where I spent a lot of my time studying language. I grew accustomed to the life-style and traditions, I became fascinated with expressing myself in Portuguese and found nature to be a powerful source of inspiration and creativity.

When I got back to the States I bought my first camera and started photographing Florida (where my family lived at the time.) I started taking pictures around the yard, around my neighbourhood, at parks and nature reserves. My favourite, of course, was taking photos at the beach. I would go every weekend. One week Siesta Key, the next Indian Rocks.

Two years later I went back to the Azores with my camera and documented the summer of 2017. Making a photo album of Pico Island was a passion project for me and after I completed it, I knew I wanted to continue photographing my travels. That’s been my goal since I can remember. Last year I went to South America where I backpacked Colombia and Ecuador for two months which only ignited my passion for travel even more.

My goal with TheQPerspective is to share my travel experiences in visual and written-word storytelling.

These are my travels thus far.

Guatape, Colombia, 2018