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Look at these awesome photos from Pico, Azores!

Hey guys, I just passed the one month mark since arriving in Lajes do Pico, a small village on the south coast of Pico Island in Portugal’s archipelago. The last four weeks have been great. I picked up a job at a local restaurant, reconnected with friends, and on my free time I take photos. […]

Travel Anecdotes from July

Hey guys, The entries you’re going to read in this article were taken from my journal’s pages I wrote through the month of July. Naturally they’re more personal and encompass a wide array of topics. I wanted to share these entries with you in a separate blog post solely devoted to that purpose since I […]

Sunset Rowing in the Açores: Os Mercenários!

Hey guys, I’m happy to share this collection of photographs with you! Os Mercenários, a rowing team here in the Azores, invited me to come along with them on their afternoon practice! I was beyond excited to accept the opportunity. The entire summer I would see them practice on the outskirts of Lajes’ port wondering […]

Sun Colored Leaves

How the late August light colours the leaves

Thoughts on Visiting the Azores

Imagine you’re sitting on a stone wall at the edge of a cliff letting your feet dangle below. Accompanying you are your closest friends and loved ones sharing the spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean. The waves roll onto the obsidian shoreline in the distance and you’re all there with a cup of freshly brewed […]

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