Moments of my life on 35mm film

35mm moments A study in travel , color, and love. Documented in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, & New York. This collection of photos archives moments I spent with my family and friends during my visit to New England. Thank you. Check out my other photo collections and blog articles:

Ilford400 B&W Film Selects

Hey guys, I hope you're well (: These pictures were taken between January- May (2021) Big thank you to Kerry's Warwick Photo lab for developing these images. I haven't experimented with many black & white film stocks since picking up film photography. Infact, besides digital edits, I don't have much practice with b&w photography in [...]

Photowalk Therapy Part 2: Pawtucket, RI

Therapeutic Photography concerns the individual's creative process through and through. It's about presence, process and a good time. You don't need a therapist, or an expensive camera, you don't even need a so called "inspiring" place to take pictures. Who you are and where you are is good enough. Pick up a camera ( yes, [...]

In transit

I feel like I'm in transit. This place between places. A loading screen, a refresh symbol, an airport, a train station. I'm on call. Please stand by until further notice. (Patiently waiting) Here or there? wherever, whenever, whatever.

January 30, 2021- Boston Street Photography: Volume 1, Issue 5

Photos taken January 30, 2021 Boston, MA 35mm Commuter Rail from Providence, RI to Boston: South Station January 30, 2021Boston, Massachusetts (2021) -Ryan Quaresma Consider liking, commenting and sharing this post with your family and friends Check out my previous Boston Street Photography collections! Boston Street Photography Volume1 Issue1 Boston Street Photography Volume 1 Issue [...]

Summer Film Scans + Edits

The other week I sorted through the pile of print envelopes I've been steadily accumulating from Hunt's Photo & Video the past 11 months. The photos I'm sharing with you in this post were taken in the late summer season through early autumn, around Bristol, RI. I hope you guys enjoy, thanks. I've realised these [...]