In transit

I feel like I'm in transit. This place between places. A loading screen, a refresh symbol, an airport, a train station. I'm on call. Please stand by until further notice. (Patiently waiting) Here or there? wherever, whenever, whatever.

Minot, North Dakota

I bought a flight to North Dakota with the purpose of reconnecting with my brother who I hadn't seen in almost two years. After basic and technical training in Texas, the Airforce assigned Kegan to the antonym of things-to-do Minot, North Dakota where if you look out into the distance all you see is land [...]

Breath in the Evening Air

Pawtucket, RIWednesday 2/12/20 I remember Rhode Island winters being unbearable with its mounds of snow, frozen windshield wipers, black-ice roads and dry-cracked lips, but since I arrived winter feels like nothing more than a chilly spring. I put a windbreaker over a sweatshirt and keep my gloves in the left pocket just in case. Once [...]

5 Life Changing Books

Finding an interesting-looking book, turning over the cover and reading the first few pages is always the hardest part. Once I'm hooked reading is my preferred method of entertainment and education. With fiction novels theres something fundamentally satisfying about how the author guides your imagination into a detail-rich world where you feel a genuine bond [...]