Summer Film Scans + Edits

The other week I sorted through the pile of print envelopes I’ve been steadily accumulating from Hunt’s Photo & Video the past 11 months.

The photos I’m sharing with you in this post were taken in the late summer season through early autumn, around Bristol, RI.

I hope you guys enjoy, thanks.

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Slack lining in Sarasota, Florida


I met Ben Schneider a few weeks ago down in Sarasota, Florida. 

When I saw the epic view of  someone doing back flips on a trick line between two palm trees and in front of the water, I knew I had to pull over and strike up a conversation!

Ben told me he was passing through Florida and only had a few days left. We exchanged contact information and planned to meet up in Turtle beach a few days later.



This was a new experience for me. I had never seen someone perform dangerous tricks on a thin elastic band and now I had the opportunity to take photos of it.

Watching Ben slack line was exhilarating because there’s a certain level of risk which puts you in a heightened state. There are so many ways to mess up but with his skill, his balance and commitment to the sport  it made it even more exciting to capture!

Here are some photos I took of Ben

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