Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers, among other popular Florida destinations, is known for its beaches, shopping centers, and fishing lifestyle. You and your loved ones can experience fun-outdoor activities whether that’d be swimming, kayaking, or sightseeing, dine at delicious ocean-side restaurants and wind down at the end of the day with a beautiful sunset view. If you plan … More Fort Myers, Florida

The Next 35 Weeks.

What can happen in 35 weeks? Your whole entire world can change. The last 35 weeks in Florida has been both depressing and up-lifting. Looking back it’s interesting to see how I fluctuated both emotionally and psychologically through such a broad spectrum of emotions. My experiences were both positive and negative, yet I also see … More The Next 35 Weeks.

Pico, Azores

Day 3 Lajes do Pico is a small enough town to walk around continuously until finding a friend to join you. Once you do find a friend you walk around together a few more times until one of you departs for home. I’ve often wondered how many times I, or better yet, the locals who … More Pico, Azores


This collection was taken last month when my friend and I decided Clearwater was our next beach destination. When we weren’t enjoying Clearwater’s calm waves we searched through all the gift shops for nic nacs and souvenirs. There was an abundance of stores/hotels/restaurants lined along the main street, but the best thing by far about … More Clearwater,Fl