Downtown Bristol, Rhode Island Street Photography: Documenting the end of 2020 with a 50mm lens.

Having used a 35 mm lens for the majority of my photography, having documented this small town that is Bristol, RI with an ultra wide lens for story telling experimentation, and having still the fifty- nifty go-to staple lens by my side, it would be a shame not to share the images taken with this lens which has produced some of my favourite photos.

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Happy New Years everyone!

To start off 2021 I thought it’d be a good idea to address everyone who follows my blog and latest posts.

Thank you so, so much.

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Street Photography in Downtown Bristol

Photos taken August 12, 2020

Downtown Bristol, Rhode Island

One of my favourite photography exercises is going somewhere you’ve been many times before and trying to find shots you haven’t taken. I find there’s always something new to shoot if you consciously look for it.

My favourite time to do this is right before golden hour so that I can follow the light as it shifts and casts shadows on potential subjects.

Not to mention, its also therapeutic. When you force yourself to look at a familiar place in a new way I think it makes you appreciate your surroundings more. On top of that, you get plenty of exercise!

Walking home alone at night

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Bristol, Rhode Island

Like all of you, I spent both the winter season and spring cooped up at home social distancing, self-quarantining and losing partial sanity.

Photography mini-Project: A Walk Down the Block

Hey guys,

I took these images as part of a challenge/ mini-project I came up with during quarantine.

It’s simple:

Take a walk around your neighbourhood- no matter how uninspiring it may be- and find scenes you can photograph.

I took these shots on my way to downtown Bristol, RI. I spent 30-45 minutes walking around and came up with these 19 photos.


If you’re ever feeling uninspired with your photography try this mini-project out! We don’t always need vast landscapes or a particular subject to create.

Challenge yourself by participating and let me know where I can check out your shots as well!

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A Breath of Fresh Air at Colt State Park

Photos taken April 6, 2020

Colt State Park

Bristol, Rhode Island

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Mt. Hope Farm and Church Cove

Photos taken February 20, 2020

Mt. Hope Farm

Bristol, Rhode Island

Mt. Hope Farm off Metacom Ave.
Mt. Hope Bride in the clearing
Find detail in ordinary things and watch the world gain significance
Autumn colors remain

-Ryan Q

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Winter Walk in Slater Park

Photos taken in the beginning of February, 2020 Ten Mile River Greenway Bikepath / Slater Park Pawtucket, Rhode Island

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