Porto, Portugal Photographed on Film

Location: Porto, Portugal
Date: March 21-30, 2022
Film Stock: Ektar 100, Portra 800

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4 tips on how to pose males who are not models

Hey guys, The other week I went out with my friend Alexandre to take some portraits. It came to my attention that people have a harder time directing and posing males than they do females. Why? Well It could be for a few reasons.

3 AM Night Photography in Lajes do Pico, Azores | Sigma 35mm F1.4 Lens

Hey guys, I hope you’re well. Down below are photos I took a few weeks ago wandering around Lajes do Pico at the quietest hours of the night. All shots were taken with the Canon 6D and Sigma 35mm F1.4 lens. Check out the video to see my general process while going about taking these … Continue reading 3 AM Night Photography in Lajes do Pico, Azores | Sigma 35mm F1.4 Lens

Ilford400 B&W Film Selects

Hey guys, I hope you’re well (:

These pictures were taken between January- May (2021)

Big thank you to Kerry’s Warwick Photo lab for developing these images.

I haven’t experimented with many black & white film stocks since picking up film photography. Infact, besides digital edits, I don’t have much practice with b&w photography in general. One thing I noticed was how I was more concerned with different shades rather than color. This simple adjustment changed how I looked through the viewfinder.

There’s something to learn from exclusively shooting in b&w and it makes me excited that I’m just beginning to pick it up!

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Boston Street Photography Part 3: Exploring Boston on Colored Film

Hey guys,

I took the commuter rail from Providence, RI to South Station in Boston, MA.

With me I brought:

  • Canon ae-1 program
  • 35-104mm f/3.5 lens
  • One roll of fujifilm superia xtra400
  • One roll of Tri-X 400 b&w (Part 4 coming soon)
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Thoughts On the Canon AE-1 Program so far…

Hey guys,

This is the Canon Ae-1 Program I picked up last week from Facebook Marketplace.

Alot of people recommended this camera when I was researching what film camera to buy. I wanted something simple, affordable and easy to take with me.

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Portra 400 Film Selects from February and March

Looking through a new roll of developed film never gets old.

When I opened the package I remembered why I love film photography so much.

I picked up two rolls of portra 400 back in the beginning of February. With everything being closed I wasn’t able to get them until the other day.

Ever since I regularly started shooting with my point-and-click I haven’t felt the desire to use my 6D as much. I have a better time going out, taking snapshots and not worrying about the technical aspects of photography. I can click the shutter and capture the moment.

Quick and easy.

With that said, here are my portra 400 film selects from the months of February and March. I hope you enjoy!


Bristol, RI 2/20 Much love here


She’s taken care of kids all her life. One time I got in trouble so bad that she put me in a scissors lock until I apologised for being a brat to my sister. Now that I’m older she teaches me about child development and puts into perspective what it takes to be a parent. Love is always first, she tells me. Unconditional love.


This might be my favourite photo from both rolls. Not because it’s aesthetically the best, but because the nostalgic value to me. Pictured here is Nana and Mica. I imagine coming across this photo 20 years from now in a stored-away album. I already cherish this one.

Photo taken 2/20/20

4. Through the clearing, Mt Hope Bridge. I went for a walk that ended up taking three hours. The minute details became profound, ordinary scenes were intrinsically meaningful and thats all I could ever want on a Spring afternoon.

5. Parked Mercedes looked straight out of a movie scene.
6. Either places have memories, or the past echoes through them.


8. I never walked into a house with so much character. The walls were filled with personality and the rooms welcoming and warm.

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Double Exposure Film Photography: Merging Two Homes Into One

“Double exposure is caused by taking two pictures on the same piece of film.” – Fujifilm Troubleshooting

That’s the notice I received when I opened the envelope to see my developed film.

Most cameras are designed to prevent double exposure, but my Nikon one-touch 100 was not.

Nikon One Touch 100 and my film selects

This past summer I brought two rolls of film with me to the Açores. It wasn’t until two weeks ago that I got them developed.

Before getting them developed, I had bought two new rolls of Fujicolor 200 that I planned on using to take pictures around Rhode Island.

At some point I mixed up the four rolls and loaded my Açores film a second time thinking it was a new roll of film.

The outcome of these photos were surprising to me. At first glance I didn’t even recognise what I was looking at.

I found an even light, turned the photos multiple ways, and looked closer to see which photos of mine merged during the development process.

Some of the images came out odd, the others I found intriguingly abstract and peculiar in a good way. I didn’t intentionally make these images, but overall I’m happy with how different they are than my normal digital photos.

After looking over the 76 photos or so, I selected these 10 Images that I want to share with you today!

Photos taken:

Pico, Azores in July, 2019

Rhode Island in February, 2020










Although It would’ve been nice to see the original photos I took (especially from the Açores) I can’t complain with the outcome. These photos are unlike anything I’ve taken before and part of what makes me like them so much is how my two homes found a way to merge into one.

Cheers to that.

If anyones had a similar experience I’d love to hear about it! Tell me your story and whether you liked the outcome or not!

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