Photowalk Therapy Part 3: Delaying Instant Gratification with Film Photography in Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Hey guys, how are you doing?

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog.

This is partly because I’m a chronic procrastinator and part- no wait. That’s it.

I’ve just been procrastinating.

While I haven’t posted anything to this website recently, I have been actively taking photos and using photography as my therapy. Since the last addition to Photowalk Therapy a lot has happened. I quit my job, road tripped to Virgina with my girlfriend, caught a flight back to the Azores, and I finally got my film developed!

Most of the pictures I’m sharing with you guys today I took on my way to the gym. Both exercising and photography are two of my therapeutic outlets that’ve been with me for years.

On my walks I would take a few different routes and try to follow the light as best I could. Some days would be better than others, some days I’d only take one shot or none at all.

Most people I know who live in the area wouldn’t consider Pawtucket charming the tiniest bit. In fact New Englander’s call this Rhode Island city “The Bucket” for, well, it’s humdrum aesthetic. So to prove the nay-sayers and doubters wrong here I am in Pawtucket The Bucket looking for moments, scenes, and compositions that I find contrary to popular belief.

Photowalk Therapy is not about where you are, what camera you have, or even how the pictures come out. It’s about being present, looking at your surroundings, and taking pictures. It’s important to remember that photography is a form of self-expression, creativity, and in this case therapy.

My hopes for this addition of Photowalk Therapy is to inspire at-least one you guys to get out there, wherever you live, and document your surroundings.

If you haven’t already check out the first two parts and other photowalks around MA & RI:

This is Photowalk Therapy Part 3
Location: Pawtucket, RI
Shot on Film

Thanks for your time and attention guys!

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Bristol, Rhode Island

Like all of you, I spent both the winter season and spring cooped up at home social distancing, self-quarantining and losing partial sanity.

During the three months of lockdown I went through the same stages as you probably did. First, in-denial: I couldn’t believe all the new rules and precautions we were demanded to follow. Then, obsession: I watched the news and relentlessly scrolled through social media becoming even more flabbergasted. Thirdly, acceptance: I realised there’s nothing I could do except make the best of my time.

So I did (or tried to)

Realistically I wasn’t as productive, or well-balanced as I care to admit. However, looking back I had so many honest and enlightening conversations with my family that I was O.K with slack in my physical, financial, and creative pursuits.

That isn’t to say I gave up on those pursuits all together, instead they took on a different feel.

My time in Rhode Island proved to be nothing like I expected it to be. Instead it was completely spontaneous granted the circumstance the entire world found itself in.

Down below is a full collection that documents my time in Bristol, Rhode Island

Full Collections:

  1. Mt. Hope Farm & Church Cove
  2. Portra 400 Film Selects
  3. Track on Chestnut Street
  4. Rainy afternoon walk at Colt State
  5. Breath of Fresh Air
  6. A walk down the block

Photos taken between March and May of 2020.

Photos taken right before public parks closed in Bristol, RI.
Mount Hope Bridge through the clearing. To see full collection click here
Portra 400 film select. Click here to see all selects from February/ March
The Track On Chestnut Street
Rainy Afternoon Walk at Colt State. See full collection here
A Walk Down the Block. Full collection here

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Afternoon Photography at Fort Taber Park, New Bedford

Photos taken January 30, 2020

Fort Taber Park

New Bedford, Massachusetts

Honoring the Women in Military Service
Fort Taber Park Pier
Overlooked details
Fort Rodman was built during the civil war era. It now acts as a military museum with various historical artifacts.
New England’s Evening Glow from Fort Taber’s Pier
Colourful view by the rocks

-Ryan Q