Moments of my life on 35mm film

35mm moments

A study in travel , color, and love. Documented in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, & New York. This collection of photos archives moments I spent with my family and friends during my visit to New England.

Thank you.

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Photowalk Therapy Part 3: Delaying Instant Gratification with Film Photography in Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Hey guys, how are you doing? It’s been a while since I last updated my blog. This is partly because I’m a chronic procrastinator and part- no wait. That’s it. I’ve just been procrastinating. While I haven’t posted anything to this website recently, I have been actively taking photos and using photography as my therapy. … Continue reading Photowalk Therapy Part 3: Delaying Instant Gratification with Film Photography in Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Street Photography in Newport,RI using a 50mm Lens.

The other week I took to the streets of Newport, RI with a 50mm lens. The following images are scenes I captured throughout the day with no particular plan, intention, or subject. Many of my photowalks I consider to be improvisational exercises that help me notice beauty and meaning in the everyday, ordinary world.

Photos taken March 14, 2021

Newport, Rhode Island

Canon 6Dwith 50mm f1.8

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Newport, Rhode Island

I had a three day layover in Rhode Island before heading to the Azores. Newport was one of the first places I wanted to visit. Here are photos from an afternoon along the cliff walk.

Finding Peace & Quiet at Hideaway Village

Photos taken May 30, 2020

Hideaway Village

Buzzard’s Bay, Massachusetts

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Fort Myers, Florida

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Double Exposure Film Photography: Merging Two Homes Into One

“Double exposure is caused by taking two pictures on the same piece of film.” – Fujifilm Troubleshooting

That’s the notice I received when I opened the envelope to see my developed film.

Most cameras are designed to prevent double exposure, but my Nikon one-touch 100 was not.

Nikon One Touch 100 and my film selects

This past summer I brought two rolls of film with me to the Açores. It wasn’t until two weeks ago that I got them developed.

Before getting them developed, I had bought two new rolls of Fujicolor 200 that I planned on using to take pictures around Rhode Island.

At some point I mixed up the four rolls and loaded my Açores film a second time thinking it was a new roll of film.

The outcome of these photos were surprising to me. At first glance I didn’t even recognise what I was looking at.

I found an even light, turned the photos multiple ways, and looked closer to see which photos of mine merged during the development process.

Some of the images came out odd, the others I found intriguingly abstract and peculiar in a good way. I didn’t intentionally make these images, but overall I’m happy with how different they are than my normal digital photos.

After looking over the 76 photos or so, I selected these 10 Images that I want to share with you today!

Photos taken:

Pico, Azores in July, 2019

Rhode Island in February, 2020










Although It would’ve been nice to see the original photos I took (especially from the Açores) I can’t complain with the outcome. These photos are unlike anything I’ve taken before and part of what makes me like them so much is how my two homes found a way to merge into one.

Cheers to that.

If anyones had a similar experience I’d love to hear about it! Tell me your story and whether you liked the outcome or not!

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Street Photography in Downtown Providence

Photos taken February 8, 2020


Providence, Rhode Island

Use the other side
Symposium Books
D’yer Mak’er
Waterplace Park
Liberry or Library
Taken from Providence Place
Light Trails to Boston & New York
City Motion

-Ryan Quaresma

Breath in the Evening Air

Pawtucket, RI
Wednesday 2/12/20

I remember Rhode Island winters being unbearable with its mounds of snow, frozen windshield wipers, black-ice roads and dry-cracked lips, but since I arrived winter feels like nothing more than a chilly spring.

I put a windbreaker over a sweatshirt and keep my gloves in the left pocket just in case. Once I start moving the winter cold isn’t all that bad. Mornings and nights are the worst of course, but it’s nothing a hot cup of tea or coffee can’t remedy.

My favourite part is watching the wind take my breath after I exhale into the evening air. I know it’s such an ordinary thing, but I haven’t seen It in a while and it’s that sort of ordinariness that jogs back forgotten memories.

To me it’s a reminder of where I come from.

Rehoboth, MA

Por Caminho: Praia do Almoxarife, Azores Photo Collection

Praia do Almoxarife was the first place I camped at after arriving in Faial.

I got there an hour or two before sunset which proved to be an ideal time.

When I made it to the beach I only saw a few other people, but for the most part I had it all to myself.

In the small amount of time I spent there I met a few really nice people who were just as enthusiastic about the view as I was.

By the time I left the only thought I had was that I have to come back in the summer.

This set of photos is part of a larger collection named Por Caminho that I created during my backpacking trip around Faial Island.

Photos taken mid November, 2019

This is Antonio. He showed me around his town and let me put my bag in his garage while I went out for food. He was really welcoming and enthusiastic to share his knowledge about his home. Obrigado Antonio, até proxima.
Passionfruit farm closed for the season.

The Praia do Almoxarife campsite is only open during the summer season when tourism is at its highest. I didn’t know that before I arrived so I set up tent right outside the campsite.

The black-sand beach is right across the main road. At night all you can hear is the wind and the ocean’s waves crashing against the rocks. I imagine during the summer this place Is absolutely wonderful.

I’ll be back.

I arrived at Praia do Almoxarife by the beginning of sunset when the golden light starts fading into oranges and yellows. The first thing I did was set up camp and then I crossed the street to witness day’s end from the black sand. There were only a few other people there besides me. On top of the wall a few tourists posed for photos, a woman walked her dog, and a couple cuddled and kissed on a blanket. I snapped a few photos, grabbed a meia de leite and let the magnificence of Pico gently fall into night. 

I took this photo the next morning before leaving to the next town. Pico mountain hides behind sunrise clouds.

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Sunset Rowing in the Açores: Os Mercenários!

Hey guys, I’m happy to share this collection of photographs with you!

Os Mercenários, a rowing team here in the Azores, invited me to come along with them on their afternoon practice!

I was beyond excited to accept the opportunity. The entire summer I would see them practice on the outskirts of Lajes’ port wondering what it must feel like to row with a coordinated team.

Fortunately, a week before the races that took place during Semana dos Baleeiros we drove out to the neighbouring vila Ribeiras, and I experienced the answer to my question.

I had so much fun taking the photos thanks to Os Mercenários being cool people!

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taking them. Cheers!


I sat at the bow of the boat feeling as if I was slicing through the ocean’s waves. 

As one we row

Three guys on the right, three on the left with the conductor in the middle working together to row in unison. 

The bow rises and drops with the sea

Row after row, row, the boat gains momentum. And after an eventful duration we slow down and stop. 

Stillness in the Atlantic

I felt the oceans power as our vessel rose and fell with the tide. 

We drifted for a few moments and then pointed the boat towards the colors in the sky

Rowing until day became night.