Finding Forgotten Memories: My Phone’s Camera Roll Photos #1

Hey guys, I hope all is well.

For this photo article I scrolled through my phone’s camera roll and selected 10 random photos I wanted to show and give context to. These photos aren’t necessarily my favourite, or best capture, but they’re meaningful to me.

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Photowalk at Battleship Cove, Fall River, MA

Photos taken March 1, 2020

Battleship Cove

Fall River, Massachusetts

-Ryan Q

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Por Caminho: Horta, Faial, Azores Photo Collection

Horta is Europe’s westernmost city located on the island of Faial, Azores.

This set of photos is part of a larger collection named Por Caminho that I created during my backpacking trip around Faial Island.

Photos taken mid November, 2019

Horta Marina

Living in Lajes do Pico, Azores: July’s Photo Collection

The twelfth of August marked two months since arriving in Lajes Do Pico, Azores, Portugal.

Besides working at restaurant Lagoa as a server, I spend my time as the locals do: cafe bouncing (from one to another), making conversation with friends, playing futebol and my personal favourite- taking photos of this town I’ve come to know as home.

In this article I share July’s photo collection with you which includes both candid and intentional images of Lajes, portraiture work I did with my good friend Barbara, and also my afternoon getaway to one of Pico’s main Vilas, Madalena.

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Lajes at Dusk

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Aromas e Sabores Pastelaria

Photoshoot with Barbara

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