Ilford400 B&W Film Selects

Hey guys, I hope you're well (: These pictures were taken between January- May (2021) Big thank you to Kerry's Warwick Photo lab for developing these images. I haven't experimented with many black & white film stocks since picking up film photography. Infact, besides digital edits, I don't have much practice with b&w photography in [...]

Photowalk Therapy Part 2: Pawtucket, RI

Therapeutic Photography concerns the individual's creative process through and through. It's about presence, process and a good time. You don't need a therapist, or an expensive camera, you don't even need a so called "inspiring" place to take pictures. Who you are and where you are is good enough. Pick up a camera ( yes, [...]

Metacom Ave. Collection

Metacom Avenue, Bristol, RI Photos taken September 16, 2020 This collection was inspired by a Bank of America ATM in an abandoned Benny's parking lot. One night I drove by and the singular light source juxtaposed with the pitch black parking lot drew me in. I took a quick photo as a visual reminder to [...]