Ilford400 B&W Film Selects

Hey guys, I hope you’re well (:

These pictures were taken between January- May (2021)

Big thank you to Kerry’s Warwick Photo lab for developing these images.

I haven’t experimented with many black & white film stocks since picking up film photography. Infact, besides digital edits, I don’t have much practice with b&w photography in general. One thing I noticed was how I was more concerned with different shades rather than color. This simple adjustment changed how I looked through the viewfinder.

There’s something to learn from exclusively shooting in b&w and it makes me excited that I’m just beginning to pick it up!

My favorite image from this set. American Breakfast at Country Kitchen, Seekonk, MA

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Photowalk Therapy Part 3: Delaying Instant Gratification with Film Photography in Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Hey guys, how are you doing?

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog.

This is partly because I’m a chronic procrastinator and part- no wait. That’s it.

I’ve just been procrastinating.

While I haven’t posted anything to this website recently, I have been actively taking photos and using photography as my therapy. Since the last addition to Photowalk Therapy a lot has happened. I quit my job, road tripped to Virgina with my girlfriend, caught a flight back to the Azores, and I finally got my film developed!

Most of the pictures I’m sharing with you guys today I took on my way to the gym. Both exercising and photography are two of my therapeutic outlets that’ve been with me for years.

On my walks I would take a few different routes and try to follow the light as best I could. Some days would be better than others, some days I’d only take one shot or none at all.

Most people I know who live in the area wouldn’t consider Pawtucket charming the tiniest bit. In fact New Englander’s call this Rhode Island city “The Bucket” for, well, it’s humdrum aesthetic. So to prove the nay-sayers and doubters wrong here I am in Pawtucket The Bucket looking for moments, scenes, and compositions that I find contrary to popular belief.

Photowalk Therapy is not about where you are, what camera you have, or even how the pictures come out. It’s about being present, looking at your surroundings, and taking pictures. It’s important to remember that photography is a form of self-expression, creativity, and in this case therapy.

My hopes for this addition of Photowalk Therapy is to inspire at-least one you guys to get out there, wherever you live, and document your surroundings.

If you haven’t already check out the first two parts and other photowalks around MA & RI:

This is Photowalk Therapy Part 3
Location: Pawtucket, RI
Shot on Film

Thanks for your time and attention guys!

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Hey guys, The other week I went out with my friend Alexandre to take some portraits. It came to my attention that people have a harder time directing and posing males than they do females. Why? Well It could be for a few reasons.

3 AM Night Photography in Lajes do Pico, Azores | Sigma 35mm F1.4 Lens

Hey guys, I hope you’re well. Down below are photos I took a few weeks ago wandering around Lajes do Pico at the quietest hours of the night. All shots were taken with the Canon 6D and Sigma 35mm F1.4 lens. Check out the video to see my general process while going about taking these … Continue reading 3 AM Night Photography in Lajes do Pico, Azores | Sigma 35mm F1.4 Lens

Photowalk Therapy Part 2: Pawtucket, RI

Therapeutic Photography concerns the individual’s creative process through and through.

It’s about presence, process and a good time. You don’t need a therapist, or an expensive camera, you don’t even need a so called “inspiring” place to take pictures.

Who you are and where you are is good enough.

Pick up a camera ( yes, your phone counts) and really look at the world. What do you notice?

This is Photowalk Therapy Part 2: A look into my therapeutic process as I walk around Pawtucket, RI

Photowalk Therapy Part 1: Bristol, RI

Bristol, RI (2021)

On how photography can be used as therapy…

All art aims to do is capture and express the human condition from infinite perspectives.

Photography, like all other artistic forms, contributes to that aim everyday and plays a fundamental role in forming how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. When used as a therapeutic practice photography introduces presence, or what you could call mindfulness, awareness, and self-expression.

For me, there’s nothing like going for photowalks. I love it. It’s my way of processing, visualizing, documenting, and exercising all at once. Sometimes I go for hours. My favorite time to go for a photowalk is when I’m exploring a new place, but lately walking around my own neighborhood is enjoyable and adding up to a personal project from my time here in New England.

Photography is therapeutic in more ways than one and I invite you to experiment for yourself. Pick up a camera (yes your phone works) and be intentional. Start a personal project or reach out to people you know in a collaborative effort. Explore your neighborhood as a tourist, pose for a self-portrait, take pictures of your family and friends. Document your daily life- not for social media- but for reflection and the pure enjoyment of it.

Here’s a look into my process: Photowalk Therapy Part 1 – Bristol, RI

Street Photography in Newport,RI using a 50mm Lens.

The other week I took to the streets of Newport, RI with a 50mm lens. The following images are scenes I captured throughout the day with no particular plan, intention, or subject. Many of my photowalks I consider to be improvisational exercises that help me notice beauty and meaning in the everyday, ordinary world.

Photos taken March 14, 2021

Newport, Rhode Island

Canon 6Dwith 50mm f1.8

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Newport, Rhode Island

I had a three day layover in Rhode Island before heading to the Azores. Newport was one of the first places I wanted to visit. Here are photos from an afternoon along the cliff walk.

Street Photography in Newport, RI

Photos taken 2-20-2021

Newport, RI

Canon 6D
Sigma Art 24mm f/1.4

Trinity Church

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Thank you

Newport, Rhode Island

I had a three day layover in Rhode Island before heading to the Azores. Newport was one of the first places I wanted to visit. Here are photos from an afternoon along the cliff walk.

Seeing the Same Old Place for the First Time: Mt. Hope Farm, Bristol, Rhode Island

I’ve walked through Mt. Hope Farm so many times that I feel like the average person would be tired of walking the same path by now. Seeing the same pond, the same bay, the same Cove Cabin. The same geese, the same open field,the same view of Mt. Hope Bridge beyond Seal Island. But one … Continue reading Seeing the Same Old Place for the First Time: Mt. Hope Farm, Bristol, Rhode Island

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Downtown Bristol, Rhode Island Street Photography: Documenting the end of 2020 with a 50mm lens.

Having used a 35 mm lens for the majority of my photography, having documented this small town that is Bristol, RI with an ultra wide lens for story telling experimentation, and having still the fifty- nifty go-to staple lens by my side, it would be a shame not to share the images taken with this lens which has produced some of my favourite photos.

First off,

Happy New Years everyone!

To start off 2021 I thought it’d be a good idea to address everyone who follows my blog and latest posts.

Thank you so, so much.

Continue reading Downtown Bristol, Rhode Island Street Photography: Documenting the end of 2020 with a 50mm lens.

Bristol Street Photogtaphy After Dark ( + Holiday photos!)

Hey there,

The other week I took to the streets of downtown Bristol after dark with my camera and trusty tripod. Taking photos at night is a much more technical process than day photography, but I found it to be a great learning experience and I enjoyed it immensely nonetheless.

-Photos taken sometime in late November/ early December, 2020.

– Bristol, Rhode Island

Following the evening light to Bristol Harbor

South R.I. 114
76 State Street, Nacho Mammas
Bristol House of Pizza: see menu
Judge Roy Bean Saloon: see menu
“closed for the season”

Quito’s Restaurant & Bar: see menu

Stone Harbour Marina

Happy Holidays

Bristol Common holiday decorations
” Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone” – Frosty

Let the town of Bristol, RI know

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Happy Holidays guys

Early Evening Winter Walk in Downtown Bristol, Rhode Island

Photos taken December 17, 2020

Bristol, RI

Second snowfall

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Bristol, Rhode Island

Like all of you, I spent both the winter season and spring cooped up at home social distancing, self-quarantining and losing partial sanity.

6 Principles For Life and Travel

If you love traveling and your enthusiasm for foreign cultures prompts you to buy a one-way ticket, chances are you follow a certain set of unspoken rules that I call: The Avid Traveler’s Code of Conduct

Memories Within Photographs from this Past Winter

Time: Photos taken between February & early April

Place: Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Gear: Canon 6d w/ Yongnuo 35mm f.2

Winter in New England passed seamlessly into Spring and Summer. Now in the heart of August, I reflect back on some of my favourite photographs during those colder months. Down below I compiled 10 photos that bring me right back.

The photos here are part of larger collections. If you like what you see, follow the link to view the full set!

Mt Hope Bridge connects Bristol and Portsmouth.

Though for me, crossing over this bridge symbolises reuniting with family.

I took this photo on a photography walk, a creative exercise I like to do anytime I’m feeling uninspired.

The Ten Mile River Greenway is a scenic route that goes right through Slater Park and a few other recreational spaces. I remember looking through my camera roll and feeling re-inspired to get out and create more!

This photo is part of a double exposure collection that merged my summer photos in the Azores with winter photos around New England.

Pictured here is my cousin Amelia outside our family home in Pawtucket, RI. At the bottom you can see a palm tree and a building both taken from scenes in Lajes do Pico.

  • photo taken with my point and shoot Nikon one-touch 100

This is my cousin little Kailee.

Kailee is this little brown eyed, dark haired, mischief-in-her-voice girl who calls out my name and says, “I’m gonna getchyu Ryaan”

She’s utterly adorable.

Seeing the world through a child’s eyes is about waking yourself up and enriching your everyday experiences. It’s about living with excitement and genuine curiosity.”

Views from the shoreline

Mt. Hope Farm back in late February.

In all my years of coming to Bristol, I never explored the walking trails of Mt Hope Farm. I came to this pictured point and stayed for awhile.

clearing in the woods, Mt. Hope in the distance.

Photo taken with a Nikon one touch-100. Recently I’ve been using this camera way more than usual. I love the pictures I get from it and the fact I have to wait for the rolls to be processed builds alot of excitement that I get to experience when I see them for the first time.
Colt State Park

see full collections here & here

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Bar Boa Vista: Summer Evening of Great Music, Friends, & Jaw-Dropping Sunset in the Azores

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Bristol, Rhode Island

Like all of you, I spent both the winter season and spring cooped up at home social distancing, self-quarantining and losing partial sanity.

During the three months of lockdown I went through the same stages as you probably did. First, in-denial: I couldn’t believe all the new rules and precautions we were demanded to follow. Then, obsession: I watched the news and relentlessly scrolled through social media becoming even more flabbergasted. Thirdly, acceptance: I realised there’s nothing I could do except make the best of my time.

So I did (or tried to)

Realistically I wasn’t as productive, or well-balanced as I care to admit. However, looking back I had so many honest and enlightening conversations with my family that I was O.K with slack in my physical, financial, and creative pursuits.

That isn’t to say I gave up on those pursuits all together, instead they took on a different feel.

My time in Rhode Island proved to be nothing like I expected it to be. Instead it was completely spontaneous granted the circumstance the entire world found itself in.

Down below is a full collection that documents my time in Bristol, Rhode Island

Full Collections:

  1. Mt. Hope Farm & Church Cove
  2. Portra 400 Film Selects
  3. Track on Chestnut Street
  4. Rainy afternoon walk at Colt State
  5. Breath of Fresh Air
  6. A walk down the block

Photos taken between March and May of 2020.

Photos taken right before public parks closed in Bristol, RI.
Mount Hope Bridge through the clearing. To see full collection click here
Portra 400 film select. Click here to see all selects from February/ March
The Track On Chestnut Street
Rainy Afternoon Walk at Colt State. See full collection here
A Walk Down the Block. Full collection here

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A Breath of Fresh Air at Colt State Park

Photos taken April 6, 2020

Colt State Park

Bristol, Rhode Island

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Double Exposure Film Photography: Merging Two Homes Into One

“Double exposure is caused by taking two pictures on the same piece of film.” – Fujifilm Troubleshooting

That’s the notice I received when I opened the envelope to see my developed film.

Most cameras are designed to prevent double exposure, but my Nikon one-touch 100 was not.

Nikon One Touch 100 and my film selects

This past summer I brought two rolls of film with me to the Açores. It wasn’t until two weeks ago that I got them developed.

Before getting them developed, I had bought two new rolls of Fujicolor 200 that I planned on using to take pictures around Rhode Island.

At some point I mixed up the four rolls and loaded my Açores film a second time thinking it was a new roll of film.

The outcome of these photos were surprising to me. At first glance I didn’t even recognise what I was looking at.

I found an even light, turned the photos multiple ways, and looked closer to see which photos of mine merged during the development process.

Some of the images came out odd, the others I found intriguingly abstract and peculiar in a good way. I didn’t intentionally make these images, but overall I’m happy with how different they are than my normal digital photos.

After looking over the 76 photos or so, I selected these 10 Images that I want to share with you today!

Photos taken:

Pico, Azores in July, 2019

Rhode Island in February, 2020










Although It would’ve been nice to see the original photos I took (especially from the Açores) I can’t complain with the outcome. These photos are unlike anything I’ve taken before and part of what makes me like them so much is how my two homes found a way to merge into one.

Cheers to that.

If anyones had a similar experience I’d love to hear about it! Tell me your story and whether you liked the outcome or not!

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