Photoshoot Collection, Lajes Do Pico Azores

Location: Aldia da Fonte

Barbara and I have been good friends since we first met four years ago! She’s always been super helpful when it comes to learning Portuguese. Not only is she patient, understanding, and unapologeticely herself, Barbara also has an act for modeling and composure which made this set that much more enjoyable!

For this photoshoot we headed down to Silveira’s Aldeia da Fonte and walked along the sea trail until we found a nice area to take a few shots. Afterwards, we headed back to Lajes do Pico to finish taking photos along the island’s rocky shoreline.

I hope you enjoy what we created!

Look at these awesome photos from Pico, Azores!

Hey guys,

I just passed the one month mark since arriving in Lajes do Pico, a small village on the south coast of Pico Island in Portugal’s archipelago. The last four weeks have been great. I picked up a job at a local restaurant, reconnected with friends, and on my free time I take photos.

Down below are a collection of photos I took on my second and third week. If you like these photos and are interested in seeing more, you can check out the photo collection from my first week and stay tuned for what’s to come!