Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers, among other popular Florida destinations, is known for its beaches, shopping centers, and fishing lifestyle. You and your loved ones can experience fun-outdoor activities whether that’d be swimming, kayaking, or sightseeing, dine at delicious ocean-side restaurants and wind down at the end of the day with a beautiful sunset view.

If you plan on visiting Fort Myers, this article is for you! This past May my friend and I made our way down to Estero island, where Fort Myers Beach is located, to spend much needed time under the sun. For us, this vacation was something we talked about for a long time and when it finally arrived we were ecstatic. We only wished we could stay longer. Down below are photographs from our three night stay.

We stayed three nights at Island Hideaway Luxury Suites

Fort Myers Sunset Dolphin Tour

Location: Snook Bight/ Bayfront Marina
Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: $25 per person

The instructors recommend you arrive 30 minutes early. You can enjoy the scenery and treat yourself to a drink from the outside bar while you wait. The sunset dolphin tour was worth it in every way. I didn’t capture many photos of the dolphins but we saw a lot of them!

preparing a healthy snack/ drinks for our kayak trip!

Fort Myers Kayaking Adventures

The next day we spent the first part of our morning/early afternoon in the pool enjoying ourselves. When we got back to the house we looked up kayaking in Fort Myers and came across multiple options.
Cost: $50 for 2 person Kayak
Duration: All afternoon

When we arrived the instructor went over the map and told us different spots to check out. We were able to paddle into the bay and through mangrove tunnels. If you love spending time in nature and getting in some exercise kayaking is a perfect option!

Fort Myers Pier, Food and Ice Cream!

Film for food, We shared a slice of some of the best pizza Ive ever tasted. Afterwards we grabbed ice cream cones to bring with us on the pier! Butter Pecan/ Vanilla
More film

Right in front of Lani Kai resort is Yo! Taco, a small colourful hut serving absolutely delicious tacos, burritos, nachos and other hispanic foods. We ate here more than four times and when we didn’t, we wish we had. On our last day before jumping on the highway to leave Fort Myers, we took Yo! Taco on the road with us because it’s that scrumptious. Get the hard shell taco, trust me.

Big Donkey Steak Burrito
Happy to be here

Chasing Sunset At Fort Myers Beach

Ending the day with reflection
The man who worked at the Cigar Hut told us every cigar tells a story. This is mine.

Notes From My Travel Journal

Sunday May 19, 2019

“Jessica and I arrived at Fort Myers Beach on Estero Island Friday night. We planned for this trip a few weeks ago, but the idea initially came up as we walked by beautiful oceanside homes lined down Holmes Beach. We were at Siesta Key’s Village when the idea seemed more feasible, like something we could actually obtain. How great would it be to wake up, look out the window and view the vast ocean and sky as your neighbour?

Now that we finally made it happen, we don’t want it to end.”

Florida Destination: Redington Shores

At Redington Shores, you’ll find everything you need to unwind and relax. For miles there’s an abundance of natural beauty stretched along the Gulf of Mexico. I come here often usually to watch the sunset by the pier and catch up with needed alone time.

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What Matters Most When Achieving Personal Goals?

IMG_0302I wanted to write about what it really means to achieve personal goals because I think we sometimes loose sight of what’s really important. I was talking to a friend the other day about how people are so achievement oriented that they value the end result more than the process leading up to it.

This reminded me of  how the same ideology is applied to the accumulation  of material things in western society. We are tricked into thinking that more things equals more happiness and therefore higher quality of life. As we know though, placing our sense of worth in material objects only leads to frustration and a false sense of self curated by the ego.

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Slack lining in Sarasota, Florida


I met Ben Schneider a few weeks ago down in Sarasota, Florida. 

When I saw the epic view of  someone doing back flips on a trick line between two palm trees and in front of the water, I knew I had to pull over and strike up a conversation!

Ben told me he was passing through Florida and only had a few days left. We exchanged contact information and planned to meet up in Turtle beach a few days later.



This was a new experience for me. I had never seen someone perform dangerous tricks on a thin elastic band and now I had the opportunity to take photos of it.

Watching Ben slack line was exhilarating because there’s a certain level of risk which puts you in a heightened state. There are so many ways to mess up but with his skill, his balance and commitment to the sport  it made it even more exciting to capture!

Here are some photos I took of Ben

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Venice Beach, Florida: A few hours under the sun


One hour and 10 minutes south of Tampa.

I hopped on I-75, rolled the windows down, blasted the music and cruised to Venice Beach.

The only plans I made were to  walk around, sight-see and take photographs of what I found interesting. I arrived at Venice around 4:00 p.m which gave me a few hours of sunlight.

I parked in the Historic District and walked right over to the beach.

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